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Do You Know Why Most Personal Injury Cases Never Go To Court?

Most personal injury cases never go to court. That is as much of a fact of life as Newton’s three laws of gravity are. If you are wondering why this is the case, you can ask a personal injury lawyer.

Out of court settlements take the uncertainty out of the equation

When a personal injury lawsuit goes to court, there is always the chance that the prosecution may not win the settlement they had hoped for. That is called uncertainty. This occurs because all sorts of mistakes can be made in the discovery phase, the prosecution may feel flustered and may not say the right things on the stand, witnesses can either get scared and say the wrong things under cross examination or simply not show up, etc…these sorts of uncertainties generally do not exist in out of court settlements.

Lawsuits are expensive

Lawsuits tend to be very expensive because of the nature of their processes. Out of court settlements by contrast are much less expensive and this is part of what makes them easier to endure and hence much more appealing.

Lawsuits are lengthy

The average lawsuit takes a year to go to court. Out of court settlements can happen in a matter of a few months or even weeks. Since time is money, it’s not surprising that most parties and their Personal Injury Lawyer in Hesperia and Antioch prefer out of court settlements.Lawyers literally work around the clock when bringing lawsuits to court. Out of court settlements take much less time and are much less work. After all that is needed in an out of court settlement is for both parties to agree to the terms of the agreement and sign a mutual release form.

Lawsuits are public

Many lawsuits are televised and then their results are posted in public records. This means anyone can access the details of lawsuits. Many parties and their personal injury lawyers want the details of their cases to remain private and this is generally only accomplished through an out of court settlement. Since they are lengthy and expensive, it follows that personal injury lawsuits are very stressful for all involved. They also tend to make the prosecution relieve very painful memories. It is for this reason that many people choose to settle out of court.

Most personal injury cases never go to trial for the reasons mentioned above. That is why if you are looking to file a claim for damages, it is good to consult a lawyer that has good negotiation skills so that it can be settled faster.