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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Inglewood, La Puente, Hesperia & Antioch

Riding a motorcycle can be a freeing and thrilling experience. In California, each province has rigorous rules and regulations governing how motorcyclists must behave, and how other motorists must operate cars to keep them safe. But the truth is that when it comes to vehicle collisions, motorcyclists are the most vulnerable riders on the road. Motorcyclists injured in a vehicle accident tend to suffer very serious injuries, which are often classified as life-altering, or catastrophic.

At Braff Personal Injury Lawyers, our team of experienced personal injury lawyers has years of experience in representing injured motorcyclists who have suffered serious injuries as the result of another driver’s negligence. We know that a serious injury can impact someone’s entire life, and the life and future of their family. Our team is completely committed to ensuring injured motorcyclists are fully protected and compensated for their injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

Motorcycles have a reputation for danger, and this is often attributed to the way riders drive. But the truth is that when a motorcycle is involved in a collision, if is often the other driver that is truly at fault. Many drivers who injure motorcyclists are found to have been driving impaired, driving distractedly, speeding, or taking dangerous turns. Because motorcycles are more difficult to spot than larger vehicles, these dangerous driving tactics often cause serious accidents with motorcycles.

Without the protection of a vehicle structure, motorcyclists tend to suffer more severe, more life altering, and more debilitating injuries than other victims of vehicle collisions. Riders are at greater risk of suffering paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, amputations, and permanent disfigurement and disability than other victims of vehicle accidents.  And that is why the medical treatment and rehabilitation can be long drawn and costs a lot.

These injuries can have a lifelong impact, and it is important that victims of motorcycle accident work with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can represent them through private negotiations, and at trial. Irrespective of whether your injuries are minor or catastrophic, if you are eligible for a claim, it is important that you work with an experienced lawyer that understands how to navigate through the complete process.

Braff Personal Injury Lawyers – Motorcycle Accident Experts

At Braff Personal Injury Lawyers, we are fully committed to personal injury law, and only ever work to represent the victims of wrongful injury. Our experienced team has years of experience representing victims of negligent motorcycle accidents in Inglewood, Hesperia, Antioch, and La Puente. Our professional team can help you navigate the stressful process of filing your personal injury claim. Contact Braff Injury Lawyers for a free consultation today, and find out more about the compensation you may be entitled to. Give us a call today and let us help you get back on your feet. You deserve your rights and need to get justice.