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Public Transit Accidents

Public Transit Accidents

Public Transit Accident Lawyer In Inglewood, La Puente, Hesperia & Antioch

Public transit is an essential service that provides fast, accessible, and environmentally sound travel options for people all over California. Transit takes many cars off the road, and provides an affordable alternative to travelling that helps many people to work and enjoy their lives.

Pubic transit is one of the safest ways that you can travel. But the truth is that as more buses, trains, and other transport vehicles join the road, there has been a sharp increase in the number of public transit accidents that take place each year. Public Transit is on the rise across Nova Scotia, and we have witnessed an increase in injuries to residents across the province. If you live in Inglewood, Hesperia, Antioch and La Puente and have been injured in a public transit accident, Braff Personal Injury Lawyers are prepared to help you navigate the difficult process of settling your claim.

After a Public Transit Accident

Anyone who has been injured in a public transit accident will need evidence to fully prove their claim. In the moments following an accident, many people are overwhelmed by their injuries and seeking medical attention. But, wherever possible, it is important that a person and their loved ones pause to take pictures and gather evidence of the scene. Though it may seem clear to you that the transit operator or vehicle was at fault, that may be harder to establish in a legal way.

Public transit cases may include a number of different parties, and can be very complex. The way someone was injured also changes the nature of the claim – depending on whether you were injured as the result of defective equipment, bad planning, a system failure, or an operator error. To ensure that you are protected, and that the opposing party’s insurance company cannot take advantage of your injuries and vulnerability to lessen your claim, it is very important that you get the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Inglewood, Hesperia, Antioch and La Puente to negotiate on your behalf.

Personal Injury Claims for Public Transit Accidents

A serious injury as the result of a public transit accident can have serious impacts in the short- and long-term. You are entitled to full compensation for your injuries, lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Though your rights are protected under the law, experienced insurance companies and the complex nature of personal injury in public transit accidents means getting the compensation you rightfully deserve may be more stressful and more difficult than most people might imagine.

At Braff Personal Injury Lawyers, personal injury is our specialty – and we only work to represent people who have been wrongfully injured. Contact Braff Personal Injury Lawyers today to schedule a free consultation to review the details of your case. Our experienced team will be able to take on the stress of filing your claim, so you can focus on recovering, adjusting, and feeling better after a serious injury.