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Current Motorcycle Laws In California

Some of California’s laws reflect a greater degree of leniency towards motorcycle riders. Others make specific demands on motorcycle owners. Did you know that motorcyclists in California are allowed to ride between lanes?Still, those motorcyclists that seek to enjoy that privilege are expected to drive at a rate that does not exceed the speed of traffic by more than 10 miles per hour. In addition, there is to be no lane splitting on a road or highway where the traffic is moving at more than 30 miles per hour.

Furthermore, each motorcycle rider is supposed to take the surrounding conditions into account, before riding between lanes. At no time should anyone riding one of the motorcycles on the road in the Golden State chose to take their bike into a shoulder lane.

Rules that pertain to motorcycle owners

Every motorcycle owned by one of California’s citizens must be registered with the State’s DMV. By the same token, each such motorcycle needs to be insured; in other words, the owner must purchase an insurance policy. An owner needs to work with the motorcycle’s driver, in order to obey this next rule: The location of the hand grip on the cycle’s handle bars should not be more than 6 inches above the rider’s shoulders. Personal injury lawyer in Hesperia & Antioch know that every motorcycle traveling on one of California’s roads or highways must have turn signals.

A helmet is a required piece of attire for every motorcycle rider.

On the other hand, the person gripping the motorcycle’s handlebars should not be seen as the only one that needs to wear a helmet. Any passenger must also don that hard and safe headgear. Both the driver’s and the passenger’s helmet need to carry a visible DOT (Department of Transportation) sticker. In the absence of that sticker, the helmet’s presence falls short of demonstrating an adherence to the established law.

Leather boots and a leather jacket are not required by law, but the motorcyclist that includes such items in his or her outfit has less reason to worry about becoming a victim of road rash. Moreover, motorcyclists that wear such items have a stronger case against a motorist that might hit them, causing their cycles to fall, so that the riders slide on the roadway.

What does the above statement reveal about all traffic laws, including those that apply to motorcycles?

Personal injury law can affect the amount of pressure placed on those that travel the highways. Each of them must have respect for the other driver. Those that do not care to think about the needs of the other drivers invite the chance for being charged with negligence, upon being involved in a traffic accident. By the same token, a lawyer defending a motorist that has hit a motorcyclist might point to the nature of that hit motorcyclist’s gear, when seeking to reduce the fine placed on the responsible motorist. Proper clothing prevents road rash.